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How I Got Started

Right out of college, I started teaching 7th grade, but my dream was to be a comedian. So I got a side job selling tickets at a comedy club & worked up my nerve to try stand-up. After a year of open mics, Mtv sent producers to scout in Austin for talent. Impossibly they found me & some of my friends & we actually ended up on tv. I quit teaching and starred on Mtv's first sit-com, the cult-classic Austin Stories. I liked the acting, but loved the writing & have been lucky enough to do it ever since.

TV Highlights

  • Loosely Exactly Nicole

  • Trolls

  • Mom

  • Samantha Who?

  • George Lopez Show

  • Blue Collar TV

"When an ex posts that they're engaged, know for sure they're marrying someone better than you. Hate yourself for not being loveable."

"My birth mother carried me to term then handed me off to an adoption center. That was in 1969 and she was 19. In 1989, I was 19 and facing the same problem."

"I smashed a "Mr. Right" mug to dust with a bat. I smashed plates with a hammer. I annihilated a Trump bobblehead with a bat, crowbar, and hammer."


Dear Meryl Streep, Are you okay? Did someone kidnap you and make you do this movie?...