Laura House is a sought after stand-up comic who’s written on the Emmy-winning shows Mom and Samantha Who, and other comedies including Nicole Byer’s Loosely, Exactly, NicoleThe George Lopez Show, Mad Love, Blue Collar TV and more. She's developed pilots for ABC with Barry Sonnenfeld and FX with Katey Sagal as well a sketch pilot for Nickelodeon.

Originally from Texas, House moved to LA when she co-created and starred in Mtv’s Austin Stories. Career highlights include playing a hillbilly slut opposite Natalie Portman and being named by Louis CK as one of his favorite female comedians.  

Laura is currently a freelance writer for the BAFTA-winning Secret Life of Boys and Dreamworks’ Trolls. She created the hit solo show "How to Hate Yourself," which Huffpo called "a riotous laughfest and a complete joy." It continues as a monthly show at the Hollywood Improv.

She also teaches meditation.