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This story is about recovery, drunkenness and my boobs. Enjoy!

At the great Storytelling Show “Light Hustler” in Los Angeles by Anna David.

Here’s a story about food, body image, and a memorable First Kiss at summer camp. From my original staged solo show “How to Hate Yourself.” At the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Stay for the twist!

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BAFTA-winning & awesome BBC kids' show Secret Life of Boys

Television Writer

Laura’s first TV job was co-creating and starring in Mtv's cult fave Austin Stories. This brought her to LA where she studied sketch & improv at Acme Comedy Theater and UCB. Her writing credits include the Emmy-winning shows MOM and SAMANTHA WHO the BAFTA-winning SECRET LIFE OF BOYS,  THE GEORGE LOPEZ SHOW, BLUE COLLAR TV, MAD LOVE, LAST COMIC STANDING and ROSIE.  Her script HOW TO HATE YOURSELF was honored on the We for She list in 2016.

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