Write for Yourself Workshop

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Hilarious women creating shows for themselves.

Hilarious women creating shows for themselves.

If you want to write a show for yourself...start here.

I created a course especially for performers who want to write a vehicle for themselves, but don't know where to start. Because I am one & I needed it and didn't see it out there. If the right role isn’t out there for you, write it, right? (It also works for, you know, writers).

The workshop consists of simple exercises help you create your role, a show concept, supporting characters, conflict, and story. And you get scenes written.

I’m trying to maximize affordable + helpful. The workshop gets you started on your script. You can use it as a one-off & finish it on your own, no problem. If you want more help, follow-up, info & consultation, you can sign on for 3 more classes and get your script written in a month. I believe in just getting it done! 

If you're in LA, you can jump in on a 3-hour workshop. Or, stay where you are and take it online.


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