Unlikely Meditation Teacher

I’m the exact LAST person you’d ever think of as a meditator.  And way last that you’d think of as a meditation teacher.  I’m from Texas, dammit!  My dad makes his own sausage and wins chili cook offs and hunts deer and fishes fish.  We are both rootin’ and tootin’.  There was no incense in the house.  There was chewing tobacco.  And a spittoon.  There was no Sanskrit spoken (that I knew of).  My mom was a teacher, my dad worked for City Hall.  Normal people, not hippies.

There weren’t even hippies in Grand Prairie.  There were cowboys.  Preppies.  In the 70’s, so sure there was some long hair.  Guy down the street.  My baby sitter.  But by the 80’s we were all in bright clothes with sharp angles.

I went to UT.  I got a teach cert .  I suppose one foreshadowing to teaching mediation.  But very different from teaching 7th grade.  There are no mediation papers to grade.  There’s no roll call.  No running in the halls or lunch ladies.  I’m saying it’s easier.

There’s no ‘sure I can do it.’

I was class comedian.  I did stand up.  I’ve been drunk a lot.  A way lot.  A ridiculous amount.  I’ve said too much. 

It simply worked. 

No kidding.  It worked.  I never thought I could do it.  I found it hard to believe it’d work like people said.  Surely it’s not much different from just sitting quietly for 20 minutes and that totally sucks, so… can it really work?