Spiritual Lesson from my dog

I have an adorable little bulldog. She’s funny and fierce, and curious about the world. She’s bold in 100 ways, yet terrified when you move a lamp. Just like me. I mean, I’m fine with lamps. But I’m bold and gregarious in so many ways….then there’s the stuff that sends me back to bed at 2 pm, head under the covers.

Right now, our building is under construction. Clanging, banging, drilling, along with men coming through the house all day. Equipment dragged through and a crane in our driveway. She is freaked out.

I comfort her. Because I can see the big picture. I know there’s no real danger. I tell her it’s temporary and that I’m here for her and assure her she’ll be okay. I don’t think she really understands that. Or the fact that I can’t stop the construction. That wouldn’t be her choice. And I can’t fully explain to her that what’s happening is temporary. And all for the best. And will be over soon. All the same things I feel when stuff I don’t understand is going on in my life.

I sometimes whimper, whine, hide, cower or bark. I get it. I want it to stop and I’m mad that NO ONE IS STOPPING IT WHY ISN’T ANYONE STOPPING IT???!!! Just like Minnie.

So maybe…I could take this with me. If only I could remember, “This construction is temporary.” And let myself be comforted by something bigger that sees the larger picture and knows everything’s going to be alright. Okay, yes, I’m saying I was the god in her scenario and maybe I can be comforted by God in my scenarios. And relax a little while it’s happening. Know what’s happening is for the best. And that it’ll pass.

And still hide sometimes, obviously. I think it’s part of the process.

Minnie at Construction.JPG

Here is Minnie, not at all interested in construction for the rest of the week. But staying perfectly adorable. #goals #squadgoals #doggoals

Sometimes a pup just can’t take it anymore. (But it’s going to be okay)

Sometimes a pup just can’t take it anymore. (But it’s going to be okay)