I’m a comedian, a comedy writer, a performer.  I also meditate & teach meditation. 

I’m not a typical meditator, if you imagine a meditator to be all blissed out, Yoga-bodied, wearing billowy white pants, walking the beach, gazing  at the ocean, seeming to ‘get’ something the rest of us don’t.  Me, not so much. You're more likely to find me flipping someone off in the Trader Joe's parking lot. It's not that meditation has failed me & I'm not chill. I'm crazy chill, esp compared to the pre-meditation me of ten years ago. But, come on! The Trader Joe's parking lot is nuts!

I’m fleshy, I laugh, I’m loud.  I like curse words.  Hearing them, saying the, knowing they exist.

I think you don’t have to talk about meditation with the soothing demeanor of a smooth jazz dj, so I don't.  I try to keep it conversations and unmystical. Meditation's supposed to be to help in every day life, no need to make it esoteric. That's for jerks.

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