#1  Meditating in a group gives you a deeper experience.

It's like when one person bounces on a trampoline it goes X far down. Then, more people jump, and it goes further down. There's a weightiness to it.

#2  You can completely relax.

I'll start us and end us and time us. And if you happen to fall asleep all blissed out, you won't sleep through work or your next appointment. I got you.

#3  Snacks! There’s almost always have snacks.

#4  Ask a Question (and get an answer!) Meditation is a solitary thing. It's mostly done on your own. And maybe something's come up. Ever burst out crying? Laughing? There are various ways stress leaves the system and I'm glad to share everything I know about it. 

#5 Make a friend. This might sound weird and/or Kindergarteny, but allow me to float it out there. It's nice to meet like-minded people. "Oh, you're a funny person and you also meditate, too? Hm. That's neat." That's pretty much who shows up.