I CAN'T MEDITATE BECAUSE I CAN'T STOP THINKING!!! (but meditation's not what you think)

Nearly everyone thinks they can't meditate because they have SO many thoughts. 

You're supposed to have thoughts. Because you're an alive person.

In Meditation, you don't get rid of thoughts. You don't make yourself stop thinking.

You'll stop thinking one day, at the very end. It's not something I teach. 

Trying to get your mind to stop thinking is like trying to get the wet out of the ocean.  Sure you could, but why?  It’d be time-consuming, expensive & ultimately there’s no point.

Let your mind think, that’s its job.

Sometimes in meditation you stop having thoughts. But you haven't stopped having thoughts, you experience the gap between thoughts. That's what Deepak Chopra calls it. I'm also good with calling it the space between thoughts. 

Like the space between one sentence. (space, space) And the next sentence.

Look at the (space, space) I just typed. When you mediate, you get thoughts. And there's little gaps in those thoughts. And sometimes, that gap gets wide.

Thought (space, space, space, space). Next thought. Or

Thought (..space.... space.. space.........space.....). Next thought. And sometimes: 

Thought (   ..      space        ....        space            ..         space   .........   space .....    ). Next thought.

And in that space between thoughts (hang on, I'm going deep) you experience pure being. You're not doing anything, and you're not thinking. You're simply being. Whoa.

And that feels really, really good. Like all-expense paid vacation good. Only it's free and you can do it every day. Go!

Laura HouseComment