Top 10 Things I’ve Learned from Meditation

 1.         The world can live without me for 20 minutes (and another 20 minutes).


2.         I am not my thoughts.  (This is a huge relief, as I’m usually thinking about lunch.)


3.         Odds are only ever 50/50.  There is a lot of input in the world, statistics and information making everything seem hard to do or obtain.  But, there’s really only one of two things—something happens, or it doesn’t.  It is or isn’t.  50/50.


4.         Bliss is our natural state of being.  I may not feel bliss at any given moment, but it’s always an option.  Depression, anxiety, and suffering aren’t necessary. 


5.         There’s only one thing, and you’re it.  Like a game of ‘Cosmic Tag.’


6.         Stress comes from the inside, not the outside.  Nothing can stress me out.  There are a lot of stress opportunities, for sure.  But there’s nothing outside me that actually causes stress, there’s only my reaction, which can be full of stress, or something way better. 


7.         Just because it doesn’t look like it’s happening, only means it’s not happening now.


8.         Love is the answer.  Boy, this is both deep and cliché.  But, I’ve done a lot of research on this, and have found that every time, ‘something other than love’ didn’t make anything better.  Getting mad about a work situation—made it worse.  Being upset about a break-up—made it worse.  Again, it’s not that I don’t indulge those feelings sometimes, but they never make anything better.  But if I can find my way to love, it opens me up to something new, every time.


9.         All that’s ever happening is evolution.  This means that if I’m here, I have a path and a purpose.  I may not understand what it is at any given moment.  But I’m here to do something.  And I’m doing it.  I’m part of nature.  And nature is using me to evolve.


10.       Knowing these 9 things is a lot.