My Pursuit of Happiness

After “Austin Stories,” I lived in L.A. I performed stand-up, sketch and improv.  I wrote freelance.  And nothing seemed to come of it.

So, I panic-married. 

I figured that would make me happy. The whole, "happily ever after thing." That’s what people do, right?  Let’s just call him “Goatee.”  I married Goatee and he wouldn’t get a job.  Or couldn’t (he might say).  So, I got a part-time job teaching at a private, Orthodox Yeshiva.  Again, totally normal, right?

I was living a life that felt completely foreign to me.  I hated it. 

And I got a moment of clarity.  I want to write for TV.  No matter how hard it might be.  Because you know what else is hard?  Going to a job you don’t like every day.  Feeling like you’re not living your own life.  That’s hard. 

And I thought, if I just get hired to write for TV …. ‘then I’ll be happy.’

If you’re ever thinking, “If I only something, then I’ll be happy,” you are in for some rough roads.  

Fate seemed to step in to teach me this lesson. And I got hired to write on a network TV sketch show.  But I STILL didn’t feel good. 

Happiness was a total cock block.

Me:  Yay!  Incredible!  Far out!  Now, I’ll be hap—

Happiness:  Nah, not yet.  When the job actually starts, then I’ll be there.

ME:  Awesome! 


And the job started and….

Me:  Now?  Will I be happy now?

Happiness:  Um, know what?  Let’s wait to see if you get picked up for a 2nd season, then I’m sure I’ll totally be there.

Me:  Yes.  Okay, great.  I’ll see you then.

Show was canceled. But I still had hope.

Me:  Maybe if i wrote for a sit-com and not just a sketch show. THEN, I'll be happy for sure, right?

I got hired on a sit-com. But happiness was like...

Happiness:  Can't make it right now, maybe Season 3. Or 4!

Happiness was a jerk who kept standing me up. 

 This encapsulates my pursuit of happiness.

This encapsulates my pursuit of happiness.

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