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"...And Thank God I caught Laura House's How To Hate Yourself on the last day of Fringe - a riotous laughfest and a complete joy. I learned I don't hate myself and I love Laura House even more!"


Laura House is a rare bird. She commands the stage like the incredibly talented comic that she is, but then she lets the audience in, telling very vulnerable, relatable, meaningful stories – laced with laughs, of course, so it’s a great ride. But you come away having felt something, learned something. I was moved. How wonderful and rare to come away from seeing a stand up’s show, feeling moved by it. Good stuff! -- Beth Littleford (Daily Show, Dog with a Blog)

CATHY LADMAN June 21, 2015


I loved the show. I thought Laura House was wonderful, I thought Craig Anton’s direction was terrific. I was so impressed with the way they were able to balance the laughter and the pathos. No easy task. Plus, I left there not hating myself as much. It’s okay, though. I don’t want my money back! Thank you! -- Cathy Ladman (comedian, Mad Men)


Laura House and Amy Schumer are my two favorite comedians right now. I was thrilled when I found out Laura was doing a show in town. My expectations were high going in. She was great. She did not disappoint. Good story telling, super funny, brave, original. I loved it. --Kathleen Wilhoite (Gilmore Girls, ER)


Laura House has written a hilarious and moving show that is executed masterfully. Don’t miss your chance to catch this dynamic and wonderful performance by a true talent with a great message of self acceptance. --Melinda Hill, (comedian, actress)


JEFF KAHN June 23, 2015

Love Laura. Love her mind. Love her wit. Love her humanity and humor. Her show is fearless, like her. Honest, heartfelt and raw. Although it’s about her and her life, it’s also relatable and universal. It’s a funny and moving show and a wonderful way to get see the world, life and even universe through the eyes of a very talented and insightful comic, writer and performer.

TESS RAFFERTY June 06, 2015

This is a unique and funny send up of the Self Help culture as one person learns to actually help herself. Laura is both a talented and engaging performer as well as a gifted writer and this makes for a perfect combination.


Laura House’s show “How to Hate Yourself” was both delightful and poignant. I have never seen anyone with the ability to make me laugh one minute, and then tear up the next. Her humor is undeniable but more than that, she is wise and kind and smart and the show completely reflects that. She is not afraid to dig deep, mock herself when necessary, but know there’s a time to be earnest too. Loved this show! It’s really worth seeing! -- CECILY KNOBLER (author


I expected this show to be funny – Laura House is a great writer and comic – but I was blown away by howgood it was. It wasn’t just full of laughs (though it was also that) it was also interesting, moving, well constructed and totally engaging. This is a gem of a show. MATTHEW KIRSHEN (Comedian, writer)


JOY GOHRING  June 06, 2015

certified reviewer

I’ve seen Laura House perform many times and this show really shows off what a funny, courageous and charismatic performer she is. She takes you from tears to laughter in seconds, which is not easy for many comics to do. Four of us went and we all enjoyed this heartbreakingly funny show!

SANORA BARTELS June 17, 2015

How 2 Hate Yourself is an unexpected wake up call. I went thinking that I would be laughing riotously at an Anthony Robbinsesque spoof (and I did!) but Laura’s writing and performance was also a lovely, touching baring of the soul (and hole) and moved me to tears and commiserating laughter and left me with a deeper insight into my own self-defeating thought patterns. This show is truly brilliant so go!!


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I went to HOW TO HATE YOURSELF already a huge House fan, and emerged an even bigger one (soon there will be a name for us…Housies?): the show covers some very tricky territory—divorce, cancer, death, industry-induced self-loathing—without once falling into self-pity—House’s boundless humor and inventiveness make it all go down easy. Loved it. Go!

Laura House is a powerhouse performer. I came to the show expecting it to be entertaining, as she’s a skilled comic and a gifted writer. But I was blown away by her ability to make you feel. I thought I lost the ability to feel when I peed my pants during the SAT’s. But this show makes you laugh, it makes you cry, and it inspires you to love yourself while simultaneously hating yourself. It’s fucking brilliant. Go to this show. - LISA BEST


VINCENT BROWN June 06, 2015

Laura House has created a show that is so funny and raw and touching and great that, even though I am also a writer, I can’t even be jealous about how insanely well written this is. And Laura’s performance is assured, tonally honest and hilarious. Her super personal story was everyone’s story tonight. I really, really recommend it.


What I loved MOST about this show is right when you think, “Oh shit, it’s about to get really dark…”, Laura brings the COMEDY. This is how you know you saw a great show: You quote it the next day at work. “Hey, do you have an Emmy? No? Hate yourself!” Also, I cried 3 times during the show. It… was… beautiful. Shout out to Laura for living it and shout out to Craig Anton for directing the shit out of this tour de force. -- Sharon Houston


STEVE SERPAS June 14, 2015

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The brilliant Laura House hits two bullseyes in one show. Part personal growth seminar spoof, part true-life memoir, she commands the stage and makes you laugh as she’s “instructing” you how to hate yourself. This is a great mindfuck twist on self-help movement even as she completely reveals her own story and how she got better. Very, very funny. Go Laura!

MATTHEW SNOW June 15, 2015

Laura House’s “How To Hate Yourself” is fantastic! A hilarious, touching, and unique take on self-help culture and the things we humans do and use to fill our individual personal voids. Let Laura be your self-hate guru today! All the stars and thumbs up!

A GIRARD June 25, 2015

I don’t know how she did it, but Laura House managed to make a solo show that both embraces and lampoons the whole solo show thing. It’s a beautiful burrito of hilarious, heart-breaking, thought-provoking, and snarky stories and insights that will keep circling in your brain for weeks after you see it. So good.

DAX JORDAN June 06, 2015

Laura House is the type of artist you become a fan of. You look up her other work, you seek out her shows, and you tell people that time with her is valuable.
This solo show is a terrific dive into the echoes of the trauma that made her who she is. You just can’t even imagine that such a well-rounded, empathetic, hilarious person came from that background. 
Somehow, she was gifted the performing gene just as strongly as the writing gene and I will compare myself to her any time I want to HATE MYSELF!


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Laura House is hilarious. The framing of the show— House as self-help guru / motivational speaker, teaching people to hate themselves, is inspired. Even as the show delves into deep emotions and dark territory, she keeps you laughing throughout.

BRUCE DANIELS June 23, 2015

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Five Stars! Laura House takes you on a ride that you won’t forget! This show is well written and expertly performed and directed. I will happily see this show again! 

So funny, smart, quick, Laura House is the BEST!

JULIA CALLAHAN June 23, 2015

Laura House is hilarious. And heartbreaking. Serious and silly. This show was wonderful. Vascillating between gut-busting hilarity and sorrowful moments, How To Hate Yourself ran the gauntlet that any great show runs. Making the audience think while keeping them laughing. 
Wonderful show.

ALDO PISANO June 23, 2015

This show is fantastic!

Laura will take you on a unique, raw, and hilarious adventure. You’ll walk away thinking of new and funny ways in which to “hate yourself”, AND despite that, you’ll leave the theater with fresh insights on how to lead a more fulfilled life.

TOM D June 06, 2015

Hilarious and heartbreaking. Laura is a brilliant writer and an amazing performer. She made me hate myself even more than I already did! And that’s really saying something! Definite fringe fest must see.

ROBIN KATZMAN June 16, 2015

What an insightful, funny and thought-provoking look into someone’s life. Laura’s show is a great example of facing challenges, comparing oneself to another, constantly seeking answers to feel better and never giving up. She told her story so bravely – with great timing, honesty and a lot of laughs. I loved every minute.


Laura House’s show was powerful,funny and poignant.She masterfully takes turns at flippant comedy,deep emotion and has been the gift of a being a natural storyteller.She can roll over you one minute and draw you in the next.

The tempo and pacing of the show from funny bits about well- how to hate yourself – to her Spalding Greyish look through her nutty,funny and uncomfortable past (complete with the projected visual aid)really showcase her skills as a writer and performer.

More importantly and rewarding is her sense of fearless courage and vulnerability which takes this kind of form to a whole new level and makes us embrace"funny" people all the more.

Go see it…

How to Hate Yourself is a great sendup of the super-pumped up self-help infomercials that’s wrapped around a moving, courageous one-woman show. House’s stand-up training serves her well in both her writing and acting, and she’s clearly committed to being as unsentimental, rigorously honest, and funny, as possible. The one-woman portions of the show touch on a lot of stuff, from her challenge to find her birth mother to alcohol to guys. (As House herself cleverly notes at one point, “and with [THAT topic], you should now be close to getting one-person-show Bingo!” --Greg Machlin


Laura House’s “How To Hate Yourself” is by turns touching, deep, and hilarious. She is funny down to her bones and a delight to watch. To be fair, I also got a wicked cool tote bag but it wasn’t in exchange for this review.

LEON MANDEL June 23, 2015

certified reviewer

Great Los Angeles theater is alive and well. Laura House made me feel like I was in her shoes, I was on stage not just with her in spirit, but as her spirit. Laura and the audience became one and the same. Suddenly her laughter and pain became my laughter and pain. This absolutely hilarious, poignant show was an experience of unifying transcendence between performer and audience and a heart-felt exercise in empathy. I came to see an ironic send up of motivational speakers, but what I got was all that plus a deeply moving show and yes… a T-shirt.

ERIC RUDNICK June 26, 2015

This is everything a solo show should be: funny, heartfelt, and you’ll never see the turns coming. Beautifully acted by creator Laura House & skillfully directed by Craig Anton. In a better world, this show would be touring to sold-out houses around the globe!

MEREDITH ERIN June 26, 2015

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Fantastic show! Touching and funny. Laura House is an excellent storyteller, writer, performer and all around funny person! Brought some friends to this show and they loved it too.


MATT CHAPMAN June 28, 2015

certified reviewer

Laura’s show is a fantastic and funny solo show. Normally not my thing but she makes it very accessible and super hilarious. Enjoyed it immensely.

DAVID HARTE June 14, 2015

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After seeing this show I hate myself in a whole variety of new ways!
Did I write a one-woman show that’s funny, open, smart, vulnerable, touching, interesting and a demonstration of insightful self-awareness? No I didn’t! Laura House did though, so if you like the sound of those things (which you should unless you’re a dick), go see this show!

RYLEE NEWTON June 09, 2015

What starts out as a clever take on self-help turns into a heartfelt exploration of life, black holes and bingo. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll defend its honor in a bar fight. Also, there’s free shit.

TESS RAFFERTY June 06, 2015

certified reviewer

This is a unique and funny send up of the Self Help culture as one person learns to actually help herself. Laura is both a talented and engaging performer as well as a gifted writer and this makes for a perfect combination.

ABIGAIL CLINE June 08, 2015

If I wasn’t laughing, I was connecting to a heartfelt moment. The show had a great balance of funny and sad but still held an overall satirical comedy show. She switched between two different characters, one of which served as great comedic relief when the story became quite sad. Laura gave a hilarious and honest performance. Definitely recommended!

JOSH PAGET June 08, 2015

Laura House presents the most well balanced one woman show I’ve seen. Equally touching and hilarious. Check out Laura House whenever you can!

ANDREW GENSER June 09, 2015

certified reviewer

In this fast paced world of technology and astronauts, it’s good to see there’s still someone out there taking the time to slow down and teach people how to hate themselves. Laura House’s performance as Laura House is so striking you’ll go home and scream at yourself in the mirror. I don’t know what you’ll say, because I won’t be there – I’ll probably be on an astronaut mission – but I bet it will be angry stuff, because you’ll know you’re not Laura House, which ultimately is the best reason to hate yourself since you failed out of astronaut camp and are now forced to lie about being an astronaut in reviews for Laura House shows.

If all that’s confusing, the only take away should be that this show is so goddam funny and moving and you really should see it. So good. Congrats Laura!

ANDY LOBO June 09, 2015

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Most one person shows suck.
This one does not. 
Definitely worth peering into the life of one of hollywood’s future power players. 
Worth seeing.
Great blend of stand up and drama


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Laura House is not just extremely likable and hilarious, she shares her life story in a breezy, forthcoming style that makes this really funny — and very forthcoming and personal — show just fly by.