Meet Minnie

Minnie is an Olde English Bulldogge, which I just found out, is a modern American breed, even though she has fancy extra letters on her name, old-timey style.



I thought she might fetch a pot of tea with a spot of cream or chase lorries or high-ho tip-top to weekend in Gloucester or such, but no,  She's 'merican. 

I'm crazy about her, even though she's more Cracker Barrel than fish 'n chips. I'm just fascinated by her Anglican title. This is my understanding:

There is a French Bulldog.



There is an American Bulldog.



There is an English Bulldog.


There is an Old English Bulldog.  

Old English

But the Olde English Bulldogge is NEW.

In the 1970's a guy named David Leavitt was like, "I know there's all these bulldogs, but they're just NOT QUITE RIGHT--I'LL MAKE A NEW ONE!"  And he started mixing and matching, pouring doggie champagne, lighting bone-shaped candles & breeding English Bulldogs with Bullmastiffs and Pit Bulls -- to get a cooler, friendlier, funner, more perfect dog.  The (American) Olde English Bulldogge. Made official by the United Kennel Club in Jan 2014 & that's my dog! She's brand new to me and to existance.