I learned to meditate about 8 years ago and have taught it for 6. So, obviously, I've mastered thoughts and am never sad. That's what I hoped would happen, anyway. But all the neg thoughts/feelings are still there. Okay, not ALL. & that's something. It's a lot, actually. Upset is less deep  and less wide now.

And I can enjoy little things. It used to be so hard to enjoy moments, I was always in a hurry for some big thing, like "LET'S GET ON WITH IT!!" 

These are some of the little things I'm enjoying today - 

That I saw an old friend last night and he beamed as he told me about his kids

That this is what my dog looks like sleeping on me:

Minnie snoozing.

Minnie snoozing.

That I did a show last night in a backyard and it was actually pretty great.


Listening to the podcast The Dollop. I recommend starting with "Oofty Goofty." American History at its finest.

That there's a guy who's art it is to put underwear on trees.