Fun Showbiz Week!

When I moved to LA in my 20's, having just starred on an Mtv show I was SHOCKED, bewildered and disappointed at how normal and boring most days could be.  Even LA days??!! My little brain from Grand Prairie, Texas anticipated more. The only thing broadcast, obvi, is the exciting stuff - award shows and talk shows and home tours and edited content. 

But even in the exciting world of network TV, most days are getting gas, doing laundry & taking out the trash.

So, I'd like to take a moment to celebrate a FUN SHOWBIZ WEEK!!  

Here goes --

Went to my good friend Josh Paget's film festival screening.

Took my dog to a friend's for a doggie play date - which already is pretty first world. But, in our defense, she basically got kicked out of doggie day care. Anyway - She became OBSESSED with the neighbor's dog - which is Jason Priestley's dog.  Minnie will NOT leave that yappy little thing alone.  Yes, the dog is very cute in this pic, but when heard through a fence, it's just bark bark bark.

Friend Mark Thompson asked me to do his podcast & who was on it - Marilu Henner, who couldn't be nicer. Nardo!!!

Had a great set at the Laugh Factory last night.

I'm about to interview the awesome Kay Hanley from Letters to Cleo on my podcast Laura House at Large

Here and Now

& Tonight, I'm in this great show at the Comedy Central stage.

Oscar-level glam? Of course not. But still, FUN SHOWBIZ WEEK!