Ancient Practice

I’ve taught meditation for a couple of years now and I love that. But I’ve changed my mind about a couple of things.

Like, when I tell people about Vedic meditation, I’ve often expressed with reverence that it’s a 10,000 year old tradition.

As if that’s a reason to do something.

I’m a bit over the ‘Oooh, it’s an ancient practice of meditation.’  It’s 10,000 years old.  So are lots of things.  When we eat a cheeseburger, we’re enjoying the ancient tradition of cheese making.  When we drive, we’re benefitting from the the ancient invention of the wheel.

But we don’t get all weird about it.

It’s not a great practice because it’s old.  Lots of things are old.  Language is old.  Beer is old.  Aviary study is old.  So what?

It’s a great practice because it works.