October is a great month to meditate.  

Okay, they’re all great.  But since it’s October I thought I’d start there.

It’s a time of change.  Kids are back in school.  Leaves are changing.  Not in LA, really, but in lots of the world.  We’re headed toward winter, or at least jacket weather.  Change.

And for that, we need Adaptability.

And that’s the main thing we get from meditation.

This came in handy for me recently.  I moved to Chicago a month ago.  I flew in on a Thursday.  On Friday, I got a stomach ache.  On Sunday, I was in the hospital.  And on Monday morning, I was in surgery - appendix removal.

Thank you, meditation.  It wasn’t my plan for any of my organs to burst.  That is never on my to-do list.  Even as my stomach was hurting -- real bad by day 3, most of me thought “No!”  I just wanted it to stop.  And my tendency is to ignore things and hope they’ll go away.  But some part of me thought, “Hey, just because you don’t want this to be happening, doesn’t mean it isn’t.  You’ve got to deal with this.”

And that’s life.  We’ve got to deal with this.  Even though ignoring it seems like a way better option sometimes.

For 20 minutes twice a day, we surrender to the mantra.  We let go.  That really came in handy for me.  I had to give in.  Let go.  Accept that this wasn’t just passing.  With every announcement, “Hey, it hasn’t burst yet but it will!”  And surgery and every poke and prod and middle of the night medicine intake.  All of it.  I just let go.

People talk about ‘being in the flow of life.’ That’s one of the things meditation gives us, the ability to let go of what we want, or what we think we want (our preference) and change course.


We can look at the flip side.  Part of being stressed is experiencing tunnel vision, “I better get this job or else--,  this relationship better work out, or else--.”  And ‘or else’ is some horror story we make up where we’re destitute, blamed, alone... miserable.

Meditation releases stress in the system.  We don’t have to zero in on ONE POSSIBILITY to be happy.  We experience happy for 20 minutes twice a day.  We know where happy lives, and it’s not in that job or that relationship (or that vacation, lottery ticket, baby).  Well, maybe a little in that baby (depends on the baby).

As we let go of stress we deal better with change.  We adapt.  Which is good, because all the world is ever doing is changing.  That’s it’s job.

And now I’m in my job.  It’s a new show, a new network, and it’s finding itself.  All it is is change.  Thank god for this practice that shows me how to do that.