Day 25 - Ferm-wood Tonight

Fermented Food. What and Why?

photo (34)
photo (34)

Glass noodles, these are made from mung beans, not grain.

Tempah - this is different from tempeh, as it's made from black beans, so the guy at the Farmer's Market calls it tempah.

Seaweed salad - that's the green stuff

These are all from a Dave's, a Korean food place at my local farmer's market. I don't know how commonly this stuff is available.

But I do know a few common fermented foods:  kraut & kimchi, yogurt & kefir, pickles.

Fermented food is good for the gut.  In the gut is good bacteria and bad bacteria.  You want, of course for the good to outnumber the bad.

Fermented food, basically, has bacteria (probiotics) that EAT THE BAD BACTERIA.

So, you eat fermented food & it eats bad stuff in you.

Quite a deal.

More info at Wellness Mama.  & Body Ecology is all about it.

I didn't know much about it before my Bali excursion, but I've come to really like it & it feels beneficial.  So, I try to eat it often.