shapeimage_2.png Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you’re alive, it isn’t.   -Richard Bach

A year from now you will wish you had started today.

-Karen Lamb

I am constantly surprised by change.  And that change is always happening.  And even change is always changing.  It’s the job of nature to evolve.  That’s all it’s ever doing.  And, evolution is change.  But still, it catches me off guard again and again.

Whatever I’m happy about today - will change.

Whatever I’m upset about today - will change.

Being happy feels good.  Being upset feels bad.

Which begs the question:  why am I ever upset about anything?   Quick answer:  because I’m a human with stress, I get triggered... but still.

In a spiritual sense, there’s never anything to be mad about.  Everything is fleeting.  So, when people say ‘let it go,’ it really means that, it’s going to go anyway.... Let it.

If you’ve yelled at an annoying co-worker, or flipped off someone in aTrader Joe’s parking lot, you know it’s easier said than done.

But, upgrading behavior starts with awareness.  So, go ahead and say it.