100 Days of High Raw

What happens if I eat mostly Raw Food for 100 Days? I'm about to do - 100 Days of High Raw Food Challenge.  During June, July & August, I'm going to mostly eat raw foods & see 1) if it can become easy & habitual for me & 2) find out what it does for my health & well-being.

Why Raw?  Because when I heard about Raw Food years ago, it was from a man who'd cured his own cancer eating raw.  Because there's the Gerson Institute, that heals people's cancer with raw food & juice.  Because my mom died of cancer.  And because I think, that my whole life, there hasn't been a lot of food in my food.

I'm not 100% vegan or vegetarian or raw or anything, really.  I think of it as a spectrum - did you have a salad for lunch?  Then congrats, you're 33% raw.

My life goal is 80% raw, but I don't know exactly what's ideal for me.  I want to dive in and find out.  I've been raw-curious, I've dabbled, but now I want to really get in there for an extended amount of time & see what happens.

& Why document it?  Because I've been a pretty regular eater most of my life - cheeseburgers & pizza and sometimes vegetables and whatnot.  And I don't fully relate to experts who've been raw or vegan or super fit  for 20 years, or never struggled with weight or food or nutrition.  I would've read something like this from someone like me.  So, I'll document my experience & pass it along.

So, here goes.