Laura House is a comic, writer, and meditation teacher—tale as old as time!  She started as a 7th grade teacher by day, and stand-up comic at night in Austin, TX, then was quickly tapped to star in Mtv’s first fully-scripted sit-com, Austin Stories.  

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She’s gone on to write for lots of TV shows, including Blue Collar TV, The George Lopez Show, The Emmy-winning Samantha Who?, and Mom (starring Anna Faris & Allison Janney).  She’s created and Executive-Produced a pilot for Nickelodeon and has had projects in development at ABC (with Barry Sonnenfeld directing) and Fx (with Katey Sagal producing).

Laura is a favorite comic and story-teller around Los Angeles, performing at Write Club, Flappers, and the Improv.  She’s performed on HBO, NBC and Comedy Central, and appeared opposite Natalie Portman in the film Where the Heart is. She’s a contributor to Comedy Film Nerds, and can be heard regularly on The David Feldman podcast and radio show (where she’s currently co-hosting with Jerry Stahl).  She has works in several books, including the well-reviewed True Tales of Lust and Love and recently obtained a publisher for her own memoir of personal essays.



NOBODY WALKS IN LA                                         -      Waitress            -            Jesse Shapiro, Dir

DAREDEVIL LEAKED AUDITIONS                        -       Writer                -            Nardeep Khurdi, Dir

MUFFIN TOP: A LOVE STORY                              -      Barista                -           Cathryn Michon, Dir

JANEANE FROM DES MOINES                            -        Barfly                -            Grace Lee, Dir

WHERE THE HEART IS                                           -        Nicki              -             Matt Williams, Dir.

CRAVINGS                                                               -        Patty                 -           Jimmy Muro, Dir

COCO LIPSHITZ: BEHIND THE LAUGHTER          -       Kitty Lipshitz    -          Beth Dewey, Dir

BROTHERS, DOGS AND GOD                                 -       Camryn            -          David Hickey, Dir


AUSTIN STORIES                   -      Laura House -      MTV

SKETCH SHOW                     -       Laura House    Nickelodeon

THE GRANT                            -          Laura House   ABC


PREMIUM BLEND                   -          Comedy Central

COMIC REMIX                        -          Comedy Central

BEST OF THE FEST                -          HBO

LATE FRIDAY                          -          NBC

FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS          -          NBC


MOM                                           -          CBS

FRED: THE SHOW                     -          Nickelodeon

THE ROSIE SHOW                     -          OWN

MAD LOVE                                 -          CBS

LAST COMIC STANDING          -          NBC

SAMANTHA WHO?                   -          ABC

GEORGE LOPEZ                         -          ABC

BLUE COLLAR COMEDY           -          WB

AUSTIN STORIES                         -          MTV


LIFEBLOWZ                                   -          FX

UNTITLED SKETCH SHOW          -          Nickelodeon

SUPER MOM                                  -          ABC